Security and Forensics

We live in a world where we are more reliant on technology than ever, making security even more critical as we move into the twenty-first century.  Our staff have both worked to secure systems and determine what happened after a system was hacked.  We are experienced in data recovery from desktop computers to mobile devices.  We have experience in deploying intrusion detection and prevention systems across large enterprises to keep networks safe.  Some of our staff have even worked for the FBI in dealing with reverse engineering, encryption, and finding the digital trails that hackers leave.

Digital Maddox LLC has unique experience in both computer security and geospatial information.  We combine these to help determine the what and where of a hack, so that your company can learn from what happened and prevent it from recurring.  We go beyond point and click computer forensics: we can do everything from weaving a story together from digital bread crumbs to helping find evidence to prosecute a criminal.  We can both recover items such as digital pictures and use meta data to determine when and where something happened. We have been successful at putting together information such as what types of remote servers hackers have used, where they were located, even dates and times crimes were committed. Digital Maddox LLC will work with you to determine what your needs are, from law enforcement to simple data recovery.

Our services include:

  • Data recovery
  • Computer forensics
  • After-intrusion analysis
  • Training and consulting on how to prevent intrusions.