About Us

We are a small company that understands the needs of small businesses and other such agencies. It’s a technological world, and sometimes you need help navigating it. There are threats everywhere, and cyber crime is on the rise.

We have over 24 years of experience in all aspects of technology. We have a unique set of skills that encompasses geospatial, security, computer forensics, and computer science areas of computer vision and deep learning. We have worked with agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Intelligence Community, and want to bring this experience to groups that have not traditionally had access to it. In fact, this is our unique niche. We can bring you nation-state level expertise to help you.

We want you to succeed and want to help you reach your goals. We view our customers as close partners, and will do everything we can. We go the extra mile and it shows. From taking the time to examine sectors on a hard drive to helping design a custom IT solution, we will do what it takes. We will not turn you away just because someone else thinks your job is “little”.